Feynman path integrals for the Schrödinger equation with magnetic field

Mazzucchi Sonia, Math Department, University of Trento

Since their introduction in the early 40s, Feynman path integrals have always been a powerful tool for theoretical physics on the one hand and a mathematical challenge on the other. Despite decades of efforts, a definitive mathematical theory of Feynman path integration is still missing; while some steps have been taken in this direction, there are fundamental issues that still deserve further investigation. Remarkably, even rather simple quantum systems, such as a non-relativistic particle moving in an external magnetic field, lead to non trivial problems. In this talk I shall present some recent developments, highlighting the role played by stochastic analysis.

Area: IS1 - A promenade through integrable system (Alessandra Occelli)

Keywords: Schrödinger equation

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