Optimal estimation of quantum Markov chains

Girotti Federico, Politecnico di Milano

In this talk I will discuss the problem of estimating dynamical parameters of a quantum Markov chain. The key tool will be the use of a coherent quantum absorber which transforms the problem into a simpler one pertaining to a system with a pure stationary state at a reference parameter value. I will then define certain translationally invariant modes of the output and show that the output state reduces to a coherent state of these modes. This provides a concrete representation of the local asymptotic normality phenomenon for quantum Markov dynamics. I will then discuss how to optimally estimate unknown dynamical parameters by using a recently developed technique of displaced-null measurements. The talk is based on joint work with A. Godley and M. Guta.

Area: IS1 - A promenade through integrable system (Alessandra Occelli)

Keywords: Quantum, Markov chains

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