On the small-mass limit for stationary solutions of stochastic wave equations with state-dependent friction

Cerrai Sandra, University of Maryland

We investigate the convergence, in the small mass limit, of the stationary solutions of a class of stochastic damped wave equations, where the friction coefficient depends on the state and the noisy perturbation if of multiplicative type. We show that the Smoluchowski-Kramers approximation which has been previously shown to be true in any fixed time interval, is still valid in the long time regime. Namely, we prove that the first marginals of any sequence of stationary solutions for the damped wave equation converge to the unique invariant measure of the limiting stochastic quasilinear parabolic equation. The convergence is proved with respect to the Wasserstein distance associated with the H−1 norm.

Area: CS7 - Advances in SPDEs (Giuseppina Guatteri and Federica Masiero)

Keywords: stochastic damped wave equations

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