Non-equilibrium fluctuations for the symmetric partial exclusion

Gonçalves Patricia, IST Lisbon

In this talk, we will recall results on non-equilibrium fluctuations for the symmetric simple exclusion process with at most one particle per site in the presence of slow/fast boundary dynamics that inject and remove particles in the system. We will then explain how the results extend to the symmetric simple partial exclusion process that allows up to a fixed number M>1 of particles per site. The results rely on precise asymptotic results for the two-points correlation function, which now are more complicated to derive due to the fact that in this exclusion process particles can occupy the same site. We obtain the results for all the regimes of slow and also fast boundary and for general initial measures. This is a joint work with C. Franceschini, M. Jara, B. Salvador.

Area: CS43 - Hydrodynamic limits (Simone Floreani)

Keywords: Hydrodynamic limits

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