Ground state energy of strongly-interacting bosons and fermions in 1D

Reuvers Robin, Roma Tre University

I will discuss the ground state energy of a gas of bosons in 1D, interacting via a general pair potential. In the limit of strong interactions, the expression displays a form of universality, in the sense that the dependence on the potential reduces to a single parameter, to first order in that parameter. I will briefly mention a similar result for a gas of fermions in 1D. In the case of spin 1/2, the ground state of the antiferromagnetic Heisenberg spin chain plays an important role in the proof. Joint work with Johannes Agerskov and Jan Philip Solovej.

Area: CS28 - Statistical mechanics and interacting particle systems (Elisabetta Candellero)

Keywords: Ground state energy, bose and fermi gases

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