Ising model on clustered networks: A model for opinion dynamics

Jacquier Vanessa, Utrecht University

We study opinion dynamics on networks with a nontrivial community structure, assuming individuals can update their binary opinion as the result of the interactions with an external influence with strength $h\in [0,1]$ and with other individuals in the network. To model such dynamics, we consider the Ising model with an external magnetic field on a family of finite networks with a clustered structure. Assuming a unit strength for the interactions inside each community, we assume that the strength of interaction across different communities is described by a scalar $\epsilon \in [-1,1]$, which allows a weaker but possibly antagonistic effect between communities. We are interested in the stochastic evolution of this system described by a Glauber-type dynamics parameterized by the inverse temperature $\beta$. We focus on the low-temperature regime $\beta\rightarrow\infty$, in which homogeneous opinion patterns prevail and, as such, it takes the network a long time to fully change opinion. We investigate the different metastable and stable states of this opinion dynamics model and how they depend on the values of the parameters $\epsilon$ and $h$.

Area: IS5 - Metastability (Elena Pulvirenti)

Keywords: metastability, Glauber dynamics, opinion dynamics, transition time

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