Microscopic characterisation of the non-equilibrium stationary states for the Harmonic model

Carinci Gioia, Università di Modena e Reggio Emila

The characterisation of the invariant measures for non-reversible particle systems driven out-of-equilibrium via the action of external reservoirs is typically a difficult task. This has been achieved e.g. for the well-known exclusion process. In this talk I will show a class of boundary driven zero-range models whose non-equilibrium steady state can be explicitly characterised via a probabilistic mixture of inhomogeneous product measures. This characterisation of the non-equilibrium steady state allows to compute the formula for the density large deviation function predicted by Macroscopic Fluctuation Theory and to establish the additivity principle. This is from joint works with: Chiara Franceschini, Rouven Frassek, Davide Gabrielli, Cristian Giardinà, Frank Redig and Dimitrios Tsagkarogiannis

Area: CS57 - Statistical Mechanics and applications (Tobias Kuna)

Keywords: Interacting particle systems, non-equilibrium statistical physics, large deviations

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