Probabilistic structures emerging from dormancy

Blath Jochen, Goethe Universität Frankfurt

Throughout the tree of life populations have evolved the capacity to contend with sub-optimal conditions by engaging in dormancy, whereby individuals enter a reversible state of vanishing metabolic activity. The resulting "seed banks" serve as long-lived reservoirs of genotypic and phenotypic diversity. Of particular relevance is the case of microbial dormancy, which has a fundamental impact on the evolutionary, ecological and also pathogenic character of biological communities. However, despite its ubiquity in nature, dormancy is a rather new paradigm in stochastic interacting particle systems. Here, it leads to novel effects, in particular based on the introduction of memory, resilience and diversity into the underlying systems.

Area: CS59 - Dependent random measures: evolution and inference (Dario Spanò)

Keywords: Dormancy, random interacting systems

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