Anomalous diffusive limit for a kinetic equation with a thermostatted interface

Bogdan Krzysztof, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
Komorowski Tomasz, Polish Academy of Sciences (IMPAN)
Marino Lorenzo, ENSTA Paris

We consider the limit of solutions of scaled linear kinetic equations with a reflection-transmission-absorption condition at the interface. Both the coefficient describing the probability of absorption and the scattering kernel degenerate. We prove that the long-time, large-space limit is the unique solution of a version of the fractional in space heat equation that corresponds to the Kolmogorov equation for a symmetric stable process, which is reflected, or transmitted while crossing the interface and is killed upon the first hitting of the interface. The results of the paper are related to the work in [KOR20], where the case of a non-degenerate probability of absorption has been considered.

Area: CS39 - Fractional operators and anomalous diffusions (Luisa Beghin)

Keywords: Fractional diffusive limit from kinetic equation, fractional Laplacian with boundary condition, stable processes with interface

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