Correlation structure for arithmetic random waves

Rossi Maurizia, University of Milano-Bicocca

The geometry of arithmetic random waves has been extensively investigated in the last fifteen years, starting from the seminal paper by Rudnick and Wigman (2008). In this talk we investigate the correlation structure among different functionals such as nodal length, boundary length of excursion sets, and the number of nodal intersections with deterministic curves in different classes; the amount of correlation depends in a subtle fashion from the values of the thresholds considered and the symmetry properties of the deterministic curves. In particular, we prove the existence of resonant pairs of threshold values where the asymptotic correlation is full, that is, at such values one functional can be perfectly predicted from the other in the high energy limit. We focus mainly on the 2-dimensional case but we discuss some specific extensions to dimension 3. This talk is mainly based on a joint work with V. Cammarota, R.-W. Maffucci and D. Marinucci.

Area: CS41 - Limit theorems for random structures (Nicola Turchi)

Keywords: Random waves; Nodal sets; Correlation structure; Sum of squares problem

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