Distributional Symmetries for Quantum Stochastic Processes

Rossi Stefano, Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro

In this talk, which is designed for a wide audience, I will report on recent advances on distributional symmetries for quantum stochastic processes. In particular, I will discuss how the Ryll-Nardzewski theorem for spreadable processes can be obtained in the general setting of tensor products of C*-algebras (including both the classical case and the CAR algebra), and how a general version of Freedman's theorem can be found for states on the CCR algebra. Most of the results I will present were obtained in joint work with V. Crismale, S. Del Vecchio, T. Monni.

Area: CS12 - Quantum probability and related fields (Vitonofrio Crismale and Veronica Umanità)

Keywords: Quantum Stochastic processes, Distributional symmetries

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