Noise-induced periodicity in a frustrated network of interacting diffusions

Collet Francesca, Department of Computer Science, University of Verona

We investigate the emergence of a collective periodic behavior in a frustrated network of interacting diffusions. Particles are divided into two communities depending on their mutual couplings. On the one hand, both intra-population interactions are positive; each particle wants to conform to the average position of the particles in its own community. On the other hand, inter-population interactions have different signs: the particles of one population want to conform to the average position of the particles of the other community, while the particles in the latter want to do the opposite. We show that this system features the phenomenon of noise-induced periodicity: in the infinite volume limit, in a proper range of interaction strengths, although the system has no periodic behavior in the zero-noise limit, a moderate amount of noise may generate an attractive periodic law. This talk is based on a joint work with Luisa Andreis (PoliMI), Marco Formentin (UniPD) and Elisa Marini (UniPD).

Area: CS18 - Interacting systems in statistical physics II (Chiara Franceschini and Elena Magnanini)

Keywords: Collective rhythmic behavior, Interacting diffusions, Mean field interaction, Frustrated dynamics, Markov processes, Propagation of chaos, Gaussian approximation

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